More than likely, I can’t help you.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute D. You’ve taught many people who have gone on to create multiple six figure businesses. Some of them have even gone on to create seven figures businesses. So why not me?”

More than likely, it’s your mind.

What I teach is as “push button” as it gets. If you decide to work with me, you will learn how to:

  • automate sales as often as you want to
  • set up high-converting funnels
  • communicate in a way that illicit’s even more sales on social media & email
  • write copy that converts
  • build an engaged audience who is eager to buy

All while learning how to leverage your time with a system that does much of the “work”.

So here’s where most fall flat on their face.

They don’t add their personality to it.

They hear the words “automated system” and yet something translates to “no work”. And this is where I get confused.

Let me get this straight.

Society tells you, you need a job. So not only do you go and get that job, you have to prepare 4-12 years prior (depending on what you want to be). So then you get that job. Then you work for 8 hours, at least, in said job every single day. But you come online, have big goals, and want to sit back and let the “system” do it all for you. Why have ambition when you work for someone else and not yourself?

I have a student who is a Pharmacist. Yes, she makes six figures at her job…but here’s what most people don’t see.

That friendly neighborhood Pharmacist that always smiles and every Grandma in the community knows. Has been standing on her feet for the past eight hours and she’s still got four more to go.

When she comes home, most days, her child is already sleeping. She works long hours and her feet ache and then there’s the rude Physician who degrades her or the impatient customer.

Why do you think she comes to me?

If she wanted to be inspired, she could have gone to Oprah or Tony Robbins for that. What she wanted is freedom.

It’s one thing to say you want this or that and another thing entirely to work for it.

Why do you think Physicians, Lawyers, and people who are generally much more educated than me seek me?

I’ll tell you right now, it’s because of what they can get from me.

Cause we all make money but the way I do it is intriguing.

All I need is a laptop and a WiFi connection and I can make Doctor money.

From the mountains of Colombia, or the fresh markets in Costa Rica, or as I’m meditating in the rice fields of Bali…I am making money.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve overlooked this because I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, but I can see that even more people are wanting to learn this.

Sure, they can get theories out there on the web, but the people who decide to work with me. Know there is a difference when a millionaire is willing to show you.

That brings me to another concept I could never wrap my head around.

When you were going to University, you didn’t take your science studies with the history professor.

Oh but when you come online, you’re willing to buy that course from Joe Blow? Then most people sit in confusion as they wonder what happened to their dreams?

I have taught many students how to run six and seven figure AUTOMATED businesses. Many of them were not Doctors. They were just regular people, like me. What we all have in common is our mind.

See, there’s something powerful about an individual who isn’t willing to give up. There’s something sacred about the individual who sets a goal and will not stop till they reach it.

Remember I said earlier. What is the one thing that will stop you from attaining your income goals working with me?

Your mind. That’s right.

What I do is a science. It’s a system, just like the self check out lane at Wal Mart. But do you remember? There’s always a human at the front.

If you can be that for your business, let’s talk.

A system is just a series of pages but it’s your heart that turns it into a business.

Are you ready?

If you’re screaming yes internally, then visit my page on

There you will find my latest e-Book PDF download as well as a guide to show you 3 ways to produce a high-converting system all from your laptop.

That’s why you’re here right? Let’s not play games then.

I was born to help set people free.


One thing about me, if you want the truth, you’ll get it.

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