Because it’s the easiest it has ever been to make a million dollars a lot of people are overlooking it.

Now hear me out, cause I know what you’re thinking.

If you’ve made a million dollars. Think about it…wasn’t the first million the hardest? Then every one after that was more of a breeze.

You learned new things, and mastered new skills.

Well D, “what if I haven’t made a million yet?”

Pay attention closely.

I’m going to share with you how you can create a profitable AUTOMATED business but first I want to tell you a story.

Do you know what does it mean to gleam?

The definition of gleam itself is to shine brightly, especially with reflected light.

My very first event I went to I sat in the back.

We bought the flights and tickets last minute and I was incredibly nervous.

There were familiar names, from online and social media, but I was feeling very much alone around all these people who seemed to be living their life abundantly.

But one thing is, I am not a fool.

I stayed and listened.

I took notes, and heard their stories and by the end of this 2 day event. I was gleaming.

There was over 10,000 people at this event and I remember thinking one day…it will be me sharing my story.

But the facts were, I didn’t know HOW yet.

I went home with a renewed spirit of focus and calculated risk.

There’s a difference between ALL-IN and being dumb and my mamma didn’t raise a fool, remember?

So I went to work. I shared that with you for 2 reasons.

A lot of people will ask me, “what has the been the most transformational, profitable, most fulfilling aspect to my business?”

And hands down, I can say travel & events. Surrounding yourself around people who provide value to the world around them.

My daughter learned how to use the potty while we were traveling through London, Amsterdam, Italy & Spain in Europe for a month.

The thanksgiving before I gave birth, we were in Bali for a month.

I got married in a wedding dress handsewn in China that my Beijing best friend picked out.

These experiences cost money. But more importantly to note, they helped me expand on a level I could never imagine.

Okay, here’s what I mean.

Did you notice my trips weren’t for a few days or a week? They were for an entire month or so. Heck, I even live in Medellin, Colombia for six months.

What I experienced in those countries is by far totally different than what the media portrays to me.

So much so, I have found them to be straight up liars…but I digress.

My point is, during that month in Europe, and the month long frolic through Bali, I didn’t have to ask for permission.

I didn’t have to ask a boss if I could, or think about finding a new job when I came home.

I didn’t have to think about ways to make an income while I was traveling because I can take my business with me.

All I really need, is a laptop and an internet connection. If you have a WiFi password. Give it to me so I can make a quarter million with this campaign.

What about your daughter D?

I say this in the most humblest of ways my friend.

Money gives us options.

Before my father in law passed away, I rented a mansion and put my entire family in it who could stay.

You should have seen everyone’s face as they opened their deluxe suites.

For a few days, we celebrated, laughed, sang, danced, cooked and ate our way around people we would give anything for.

The ability to have a business that is automated to the point, sales come in even when I am not doing things like:

-sending email follow ups
-filming videos
-going live

My business still pays me…imagine that!

That’s why when it comes to automating a business, you can’t tell me nothing.

I am convinced so many people are accustomed to doing things the hard way that they will fight to continue doing it that way.

When I am the complete opposite.

I have no attachments. Show me the conversions and I’ll adjust accordingly.

It really is a science.

And if you have passion to see others succeed. Yes, you truly do have what it takes to win.

But if you lack belief…then I really can’t help you because the mind is quite powerful.

Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.

It has nothing to do with me, or the system or the science behind it.

If you’re one of the few who think like me…and you know you can, as long as you’re shown how.

Visit my page

Doesn’t it make sense now?

We all have a smart phone, tablet or laptop or some type of device we use to surf, browse, click and buy on…

But some of us are using those same devices to create multi-million dollar brands & businesses that not only set up this generation, but the ones to come.

And then there are others who are still playing candy crush.

If it wasn’t so easy, I do believe, 100%, more people would take it seriously…but you’re telling me I can start an automated income stream from my cell phone?

One that works around my current schedule and allows me to create an income that is AUTOMATED?

Oooo, is that Miley Cyrus in the new Black Mirror?

See what I mean?

There’s a lot influence on your attention.

Isn’t it about time you focus on the one that will pay you?


New levels,

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