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We’ve all been conditioned to believe our main source of income is tied to trading our time for it. But I believe you are here right now on this page because you know that isn’t the case.

Over ten years ago, I saw the trends coming, and it’s the reason I’ve been able to earn millions of dollars while creating the time-freedom to do the things I love with the people who matter most.

I know some people when they see me at an event, or watch my videos, neglect to see the work it took to get to this point.

A sustainable, automated, MSI is being created by teenagers with a few extra hours on free social media communities, like YouTube, making slime.

But yet, many of the people I speak to, want to do it a certain way.

And that definitive line of non action cripples them most of the time.

Here’s why.

When I first started my business, a part of me wanted to still continue with my studies.

I remember writing out the budget to pay for my education with the income from my business.

Not only am I glad that did not happen the way I “thought it should be”, I wouldn’t of had some amazing experiences in my life.

The career I initially chose for myself, was incredibly traditional, and would take more than 15 years to fully study.

When you pay attention and take action on what you see, it makes a huge difference.

Right now, it’s the reason more and more people are coming to the internet for automated ways to make money.

Did you know?

9 out of the 10 wealthiest companies in the entire world are all tech companies? (Oil is still holding on strong but soon, it too will become obsolete..but that’s a whole other video and post.)

What I’m saying is, as you continue to get clear on what brings you the most passion, you’ll find a way to do more of those things.

The value of your time becomes invaluable and you no longer carry the same enthusiasm for things that aren’t riveting you.

We all do.

What’s important to note is that just because you didn’t start a decade ago, doesn’t mean there aren’t many opportunities to leverage an income right now.

There are! Actually, more than ever.

I’ve used my experience to find simple ways to automate MSI’s online.

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